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Understanding the Business of People


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Campbell™ Leadership Index (CLI®)

The Campbell Leadership Index (CLI) is a robust 360° leadership feedback tool that helps measure personal characteristics that are directly related to the nature and demands of leadership. Developed by renowned psychologist, Dr. David Campbell, the CLI survey can be used for individual development and coaching or as part of organization-wide efforts to assess and benchmark leadership talent as a collective resource.


  • Highly actionable developmental planning
  • take results and quickly implement a targeted
    development plan for professional growth
  • Well-accepted
  • used in small, medium, and large sized organizations, across a broad cross
    section of industry, government, and academia
  • High Utility – robust, thorough, and easy to understand reporting
  • Well-established
  • normed on higher-level talent and their observers across 30 samples
  • Easy to use
  • web-enabled multirater administrator’s site along with Internet-based
    administration, scoring, tracking, and reporting capabilities

Applications of the CLI

  • Pinpoint areas for personal development
  • Assess executive fit in high performance cultures
  • Provide comprehensive needs analysis across the management team
  • Help to identify leadership potential, provide insight into succession planning
  • Provide multisource feedback on leadership skills
  • Identify gaps in perception between observers and self (blindspots)

Measurement Dimensions

  • Leadership (Ambitious, Daring, Dynamic, Enterprising, Experienced, Farsighted,
    Original, Persuasive)
  • Affability (Affectionate, Considerate, Empowering, Entertaining, Friendly
  • Dependability (Credible, Organized, Productive, Thrifty
  • Resilience (Calm, Flexible, Optimistic, Trusting)
  • Energy

How to View Sample Reports

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