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Discovery Leadership Profile for Educators™

This 360-degree assessment designed for educators is made up of fifteen leadership categories comprised of 62 items. This assessment addresses the special competencies identified as being critical to successful leadership in today’s challenging school environment.

The Discovery Leadership Profile for Educators™ (DLP for Educators) is an online leadership survey that provides leaders in the education sector with feedback on how their specific leadership practices are perceived by others. This 360-degree assessment is the result of years of experience and research with educators. In addition, the DLP for Educators includes the Maximizing Results participant workbook and Plus assessment, a 12-week goal-setting piece to aid the participant in implementing lasting change based on his/her feedback.

Takes 15-20 minutes to complete.


The Discovery Leadership Profile for Educators™ is the first and only 360–degree instrument of its kind designed specifically for leaders in the education sector. The DLP for Educators gathers perspectives from individual leaders and up to 17 selected raters regarding leadership performance on competencies essential for effective leadership in the education sector. Raters can include boss(es), peers, direct reports and others. Performance is measured by 62 items which are divided into 15 competencies. The confidential and aggregated responses of raters is compared to the self-assessment of the leader in color graphs that clearly highlight the leadership strengths and developmental needs of the individual manager. Unique features include a summary of the ten highest and lowest scored items and the opportunity to customize up to five behavioral interview questions.

The DLP for Educators Plus features include:

  • Select up to 5 items (goals) from their feedback report (or 4 items and one custom item) on which to focus their development
  • Set up and engage a learning network to support their efforts to improve on their goals
  • Journal their progress weekly over the course of 12 weeks
  • Ask their learning network to assess their effectiveness in improving on their goals at the end of the process
  • Receive a report on their improvement on each goal and their overall effectiveness


  • Leaders learn how people, who are important to their success, see their leadership performance through confidential feedback from boss(es), peers, direct reports and others.
  • Creates a common framework among organizational leaders of the skills and leadership competencies that are critical for success in education.
  • Identifies the strengths and developmental needs of managers in 15 categories that have been identified as important for leadership in the education sector.
  • Benchmarks leadership performance for leaders in education.
  • Establishes a common model for leadership effectiveness throughout the education sector.
  • Compares self-perception to the perceptions of others.
  • Develops a plan for addressing leadership development needs.

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