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Decision Style Profile®

Decision Style Profile is an enlightening management assessment tool that leads to the development of improved decision-making skills. It evaluates the appropriateness with which respondents include others in the decision-making process and the extent to which respondents consider five critical Decision Factors in their decision processes.
Takes 10-15 minutes to complete.


The Decision Style Profile® poses ten typical, real-world business situations that require decisions. Based on the cases as presented, the respondents choose among five decision-making styles in selecting the one they believe is most appropriate for each case. The five styles differ primarily as to the degree that the respondent may choose to involve others in the decision-making process. A personal report for each respondent compares individual choices to the “expert” style choices and to the style choices made by more than 41,000 executives and middle-managers. Decision Inclusion Index scores and Decision Style Index scores are calculated and explained.


  • Improve the capability of the organization to produce acceptable, quality decisions.
  • Build knowledge of a researched-based system for choosing the most appropriate decision style.
  • Create awareness of five critical decision factors.
  • Improve and refine the decision-making skills of managers.
  • Build awareness of how improved decision-making practices pay off on the bottom line.
  • Establish a uniform system for guiding managers in their decision-making process.
  • Build uniform knowledge in an organization about good decision-making processes.
  • Create awareness in individual managers of their strengths and weaknesses in decision making.
  • Strengthen awareness of effective outcomes based on the level of inclusion of others in the decision-making process.
  • Build awareness of the bottom-line payoff to the organization from improved decision practices.

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