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Denison Leadership Development Survey

The Denison Leadership Development Survey provides leaders and managers with feedback on how their specific management practices can impact bottom-line organizational performance. The Denison Leadership Development Survey is a 360° assessment tool designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of leaders in key skill areas. Organizational leaders are in a position to develop effective leadership skills, and establish a common model of leadership traits that are critical for organizational success. This 360° assessment instrument defines the relationship between leadership, organizational culture, and organizational effectiveness.


The survey gathers perspectives and opinions from an individual leader and up to 20 selected “others” regarding leadership performance. Performance is measured through an online 96-item survey that takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. “Others” may include subordinates, peers and supervisors. The confidential and aggregated responses of respondents is compared to the self assessment of the leader in a color graphic that clearly highlights the leadership strengths and weaknesses of the individual manager. These items review leadership performance in 12 areas that represent the four organizational culture traits as defined in the Denison Organizational Culture Survey® model.


  • Build understanding of a leader’s role in creating the culture of a high-performance organization.
  • Allow leaders to learn how others, who are important to their success, see their performance.
  • Benchmark an individual’s leadership performance.
  • Compare leadership performance to skills of higher-performing and lower-performing leaders.
  • Establish a model for leadership effectiveness throughout the organization.
  • Help develop leadership skills essential to adapting in a changing environment.
  • Help establish a plan for addressing leadership development needs.