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Coaching for Success

Delivering Business Goals while Developing Social Capital Workshop provides the platform for learning, practicing and developing an effective coaching strategy for managers in today’s fast-paced global work environment. Through the use of proven models, tools, and practical role-playing, participants walk away from the workshop with clarity and confidence in their coaching capacity of others. The following example can be customized to suit the unique needs of any client.

Leadership Development Workshop

Influential Leadership: Gaining Commitment, Getting Results
Influence is the essence of leadership. For you to be successful as a leader you must be able to sell your ideas, gain commitment and acceptance of your policies and plans while motivating others to support and implement your decisions in today’s fast-paced global work environment. The ability to translate your vision into reality requires courage, clear communication, and alignment of people resources to defined business objectives.

Leadership Development Workshop is designed to offer the critical skills necessary for long-term and sustainable leadership success for your developmental journey. Through the use of research-based assessment tools, simulations, models, and practice with immediate behavioral feedback on your leadership style, participants leave the course with instilled confidence and tangible strategies to use immediately upon return to their organization.

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