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Change Style IndicatorĀ® - Change Management Assessment

The Change Style Indicator is a change management assessment designed to measure preferred styles in approaching and dealing with change. The Change Style Indicator identifies strengths and pitfalls of change style characteristics. Knowing one’s change style preferences can allow individuals to work together as a team, revising work processes and delivering more satisfactory results. It looks at factors that can impact an organization’s readiness to deal with and sustain change in challenging times. The Change Style Indicator is available online or in hard copy; and available in English, French or Spanish.
Your score on this change management assessment tool will place you on the change style continuum ranging from a Conserver style to an Originator style. A third style, the Pragmatist, occupies the middle range of the continuum. The three styles display distinct differences and preferences when approaching change.


The assessment uses 22 situational pairs of statements to establish a ranking of how the respondent prefers to address and work with change. The assessment addresses both initiated and imposed change and places the respondent on a 133-point continuum between Conserver and Originator with Pragmatist in the center of the continuum.
Most individuals are a blend of Conserver-Pragmatist or Pragmatist-Originator; however, the degrees of blending are identifiable. The preferences and behaviors associated with 11 scoring segments along this continuum are described in detail and are reported on the personalized assessment sheets. Assessment administration can be managed through which decreases time needed in the classroom and empowers trainers to create customized group composites and more in-depth individual reports. This self-scoring change management assessment can also be completed and scored in the classroom in 10-15 minutes.


  • Improve teamwork by avoiding conflicts and reduce dysfunctional meetings
  • Consider all perspectives when resolving issues to increase collaboration
  • Enable the group’s creativity and innovation by understanding style preferences
  • Get to the “win/win” solution more quickly by promoting successful teams.
  • Learn the advantages and strengths that each style brings to an organization.

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