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Denison Organizational Culture Survey®

The Denison Organizational Culture Survey translates often difficult-to-understand behavioral concepts about organizational culture into tangible every-day business actions and strategies. The survey enables leaders and employees of all levels to understand the impact their culture has on the organization’s performance and learn how to redirect their culture to improve organizational effectiveness.


Individuals throughout the organization provide anonymous, confidential feedback through an online 60-item survey that takes 15-20 minutes to complete. These items fall under 12 competencies inside 4 cultural traits. Composite reports, or data cuts, display aggregated survey data and provide detail for each survey item and cultural attributes. Results can be broken down further by creating demographic and custom questions (i.e.: by subgroups for departments, locations, etc.) Our experience recommends surveying your organization periodically, using the Denison Organization Culture Survey, to stay on track with developing the desired performance culture.


The Denison Organizational Culture Survey will produce a powerful, visual summary of organizational culture strengths and weaknesses and provide suggested actions to improve operational performance.
  • Create a readily understandable measure of organizational culture and its potential impact on bottom-line performance.
  • Help determine relative organizational competitiveness.
  • Framework to focus management attention and investment in priority order on those organizational issues that have potential for bottom-line payoffs.
  • Evaluate an organization’s preparedness to compete in its industry.
  • Benchmark an organization’s culture to that of high performers.
  • Help manage the successful merger of separate cultures and organizations.
  • Measure organizational culture on four major characteristics: Mission, Consistency, Adaptability and Involvement.

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Sample Assessment Reports