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MBTI® Team Report - Form M

Based on customer feedback, the newly revised MBTI® Team Report has a striking four-color graphic design and offers additional resources to promote team cooperation, efficiency, and productivity. It includes a summary of the team’s personality type, team strengths and challenges, the individual’s contributions to the team, and discussions on team and individual problem-solving, conflict-handling and communication styles, and the organization’s influence on the team. The new report also contains an updated action planning worksheet and actionable tips for the individual and team based on type.

The renamed Team Facilitator Report offers type-customized tips for the facilitator to use in workshop planning and includes new activity ideas in specific sections, as well as a redesigned Team Type Table that outlines preferences, attitude pairs, function pairs, energy and perception, judging and orientation, and temperament, and provides a comprehensive explanation of how the team type is derived. For greater convenience, the Team Facilitator Report and the Type Table can be printed separately.


  • Helps develop cooperative and productive teams
  • Describes the MBTI® team type, including team strengths and weaknesses
  • Contains personalized type information for each team member so individuals see how they fit on the team
  • Compares team’s problem-solving style and preferred use of time with that of the individual team member
  • Includes personalized action plans to improve effectiveness of team and of individual team members


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